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Learn How To Dance With These Helpful Videos

Want to improve your dance moves or learn how to dance. Over at they have a variety of dance moves for both men and women. They offer FREE Mini Courses on Videos that show you basic steps. After you have watched and practiced with the mini course videos, you can purchase more courses to help you along. They give an outline of what you will learn and a video for each course of steps. Not only will you be learning to dance, but it is also great exercise.

Here are some examples of what they have;

Learn At Your Own Pace

FREE Beginner Hip Hop dance moves 
How To Dance At A Club & Party – For Men & Women 
Learn Ballroom Dance Steps
How to Line Dance 
Easy Dance Moves For Guys 
How To Tap Dance 
Ballet Terms Explained 

Thank you Learn To Dance!



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A Month’s Worth of After School Snack Recipes

watermelon-plateIts back to school time and that not only means school supplies, new clothes and backpacks, it means after school snacks. Everyone love snacks, especially kids. What are you going to have ready for your child after school that is easy to prepare and ready for them to dig into.

Mique over at has some great recipes and ideas.

At list for an entire month of delicious healthy snacks!

This includes:

Rainbow Fruit Cups
Monster Fruit Dip
Banana Dog
Baked Zucchini Sticks with dip
No Bake Granola Bars
Back to School Mix
and much more!

Head on over to A Month’s Worth of After School Snacks and see the other recipes you may want to make!

Thanks Mique




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Do You Know What Your Eating? How Foods Treated With Antibiotics Effect You

id-100188214Do You Know What Your Eating and which Foods Are Treated With Antibiotics?

There has been a growing concern as far back as 1945 with the overuse of antibiotics in our food and with good reason. Experts knew then that the problem of overuse of antibiotics in animals could lead to a resistance in humans for infections. Sound familiar? Update yourself on what your purchasing at the grocery store and seeking out antibiotic free food to feed you and your family for a healthier lifestyle.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has many studies on this:

Antibiotic Use in Food-Producing Animals
and includes:

Public Health Impact of Antibiotic Use in Food-Producing Animals
About Antibiotic Resistance and more.

The CDC Frequently Asked Questions page covers
What is antimicrobial resistance?
What is an antibiotic?
Antibiotics and Food Safety
and more

Markham Heid over at has a very informative article – You Asked: Which Foods Are Treated With Antibiotics?  This article talks about what foods have antibiotics added to them and how it can effect your health and the heath of your children.

“But at least as far back as 1945, health experts have warned that overusing antibiotics could lead to so-called “superbugs,” or sickness-causing bacteria that are resistant to antibacterial drugs.” says Markham.

You Asked Which Foods Are Treated With Antibiotics


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Measles Outbreak – Vaccination MMR – What You Need To Know

Maggies Mentions

ID-100139604I understand the decisions a mother has to make for their child’s health and welfare, raising two of my own. You want the best for your child and if you think there is a threat of them getting autism from a vaccine that is supposed to benefit their health, sure you are going to have a tough decision.

I have family members and friends who became new moms in the past few years that were concerned about the rumor that MMR – Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccination could cause Autism. I was asked if I had my kids vaccinated when they were younger. (My kids are now adults) Of course I did. Why would I want my child to suffer from a disease that can be prevented. I told them of a friend who contracted Polio just a few months before the Polio vaccination came out at the age of…

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