Tips For Preparing and Organizing a Yard Sale

ID-100127145Yard Sales can be fun and great for making extra money. For a successful Yard Sale planning ahead and being organized is necessary. Start by looking at what you have available. If its something you have not used or worn in the past year or some item collecting dust, put it on your list for a yard sale item. Furniture, clothes, dishes, toys, baby items, books, magazines and kitchen items are just a few examples of what you can add. Go from room to room and collect your stuff. Organize your items, clothes in one pile, toys in another and start pricing. Not sure what something should go for? Look it up online at an auction site to see what it is selling for (example a designer purse). Use labels for clothing and small items and a sign for items like your furniture.

Putting a price on your items will help you out when the day of your sale arrives. It lets you concentrate on selling instead of answering “how much is this” all day long. This makes it easier for your customers to give you the price your asking for or if they want to bargain, which is not uncommon for a yard sale. Don’t price your items too high, if they can get the same item cheaper in a store your pricing that item too high. The key is you don’t someone to walk away and lose a sale over a few dollars but you also do not want to give your stuff away. Setting a good price gives you bargain leverage.

The day and time of your yard sale is important. For instance, Florida in the Summer usually has many afternoon thunderstorms and hot humid weather. So getting out and about in the morning is best. Plan your yard sale for early morning to early afternoon and check the weather for that date. If you have a lot of stuff to sell, you may want to run the sale for two days.

Now that you know what your are selling and when, its time to start advertising. Place an ad in your local paper, with the date of the sale, address, time and some items that will be available like baby furniture, cookbooks, clothes, craft items etc. If someone is looking for say baby furniture or any of the other things your offering it is a good possibility they will save the date and come to your yard sale. Do the same with Social Media, bulletin boards and get the word out at your church, etc.

Run the sale on your Facebook page and share with your friends. You could even make it an “Event” on Facebook and it will let all your friends following you know about it. Put out signs the day of or the day before your yard sale. You want them to be high enough for people driving up to or past your street to see. Make the words “Yard Sale Today!” big and bold with your address underneath and an arrow pointing the way. A sign in front of the yard sale is also a good idea. You may want to check with your local code office about the signs for a yard sale and if you need a permit for your area.

If your yard sale starts at 8:00 am, your sale needs to be set up and ready to go by 7:30 am. The early birds, collectors, bargain hunters, and those looking for antiques may show up early hoping to get a good deal. It is up to your whether to sell that early or not. Pick a spot in your yard or have everything set up on the driveway. Long tables full of yard sale goodies attracts potential customers as they arrive. Put the Books, DVD’s, CD’s,Tools,and other things that are stack-able on tables. You could even have a few couple small tables with the books and movies and have a sign that says all books and movies are $1.00. (As you closer to the end of the day, lower the prices to .50 cents) When clothes are in a box or pile, they are not displayed as well as on a clothes rack or if you have to, a clothes line. Put them on hangers and section them by pants, shorts, tops, dresses, etc. The easier for your customers to go through the clothes the easier for them to choose what they want and purchase. Have bags ready for them to put their purchases into. You could save up bags from grocery shopping.

Selling a vehicle, boat or even your home? This would be a great time to put a sign on it with the price! With all the foot traffic your getting even if someone there is not in need, they may know someone who is. You could set up appointments for after the yard sale or have someone to be in charge of these sales on the spot.

If you can’t make change you can lose a sale. The day before your sale have a small cash drawer ready with coins, ones, fives, and tens. It would be a shame to lose a sale because you could not make change for a ten or twenty dollar bill.

Get ready to have fun and make money!



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