Annual Tournament of Roses Parade Traditional for New Years Day


A float from the 2008 Rose Parade

The 128th annual and traditional Rose Parade  which started January 1, 1890, will be live from Pasadena, California and if you can not be there in person to see the spectacular event,  at 8:00 am PT or 11:00 am ET on MONDAY, January 2 this year instead of January 1st, Sunday 2017.

The reason it will be on Monday is a long standing tradition that the parade never be on a Sunday since 1893 the first year the parade fell on a Sunday. This tradition was put into place so they could avoid scaring horses that were hitched outside of churches in that day and disrupting church services. So the next day was arranged for the parade to commence.

According to Wickipedia “128th Rose Parade presented by HONDA will feature 44 floats, 19 equestrian units with approximately 400 horses, and 22 marching bands. ”

Check you local stations and HGTV or the Hallmark Channel for viewing.

The first parade was started by members of Pasadena’s Valley Hunt Club and has been a tradition every New Years Day since then. The only time it will not fall on New Years, is if new years day is on a Sunday. This came about because they did not want to interfere with folks worshiping in church and their horses being spooked while tethered outside the church. Even today the tradition still stands.

These floats are amazing and should not be missed. They are decorated with only the most beautiful flowers and artificial flowers are not allowed. Every inch of the float must have all natural materials like seeds, seaweed nuts and of course Roses, hence Rose Parade.

Along with the floats this year are going to be thousands of equestrians and marching bands… what is a parade without marching bands!

Get more information Here

Gather the family for this wonderful and beautiful event….

Happy New Year,

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