Buckle Up Before You Drive

seat beltDo you buckle up every time you get into your car?  Wearing your seat belt can make the difference when in an accident, bumper bump or serious damage. It could mean the difference between major injury, being paralyzed or death.

One of the easiest ways of being safe in your vehicle is to simply wrap that seat belt around you and click. How many times have you heard or read a news story where someone has said, They are alive because they wore their seat belt. Wearing your seat belt can be the difference between major injury, paralyze or death. The alternatives to not wearing your seat belt far out weigh the reasons your should.

In the state of Florida there is a penalty for not wearing your seat belt and in 2010 eighty five percent more people used their seat belts then before.Still many people are in a hurry, want to get where they are going, or don’t want to wrinkle their clothes. Poor excuses for not being prepared and who wants to say after they have been in an accident whether your fault or not, sure wish I had worn my seat belt.

The first seat belts were placed in American cars in the 1900s to keep people in the car on rough roads rather than to protect them in wrecks. Seat Belts were in race cars in the 1920s and finally in a some cars on the open market in 1950. In 1966, the Highway Safety Act and the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act were passed and the auto industry was regulated. Seat belts were on their way to becoming standard equipment.

What does that Seat Belt Do For You?

* Preventing you from being thrown from the vehicle in a roll over or heavy impact.

* Minimizing impact with your passenger and the dash board or windshield.

* Decreasing the time it takes someone to come to a stop upon impact

* Most important Seat Belts Save Lives!

Seat Belts are not just for the driver but for everyone in your vehicle, including your children.

Buckling on a seat belt is easy, life saving the law in Florida! Take those few minutes and make it a habit to buckle up before you turn the key.

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One Response to Buckle Up Before You Drive

  1. Russ Chaplin says:

    That’s a good article. I can’t believe how seat belt use is on the decline here in the UK. Particularly among young drivers. Even older drivers who should know better are slacking off. Put on your seatbelt every time no matter how far you are driving. That’s what I say.

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