Motorcycle Safety for First Time Drivers

id-100300264Motorcycles adapted from the safety bicycle, have gone through history from a steam powered cycle, self propelled cycle, to a internal combustion engine and by the early 1880’s inventors around the globe were creating and designing what we know of today as the motorcycle.

The first steam powered cycle went at top speed about 50 mph. With the invention of the internal combustion engine over the years you can now get a stock built sports bike off a showroom floor that surpasses that speed by triple or more. This can be fatal if you are a first time driver with no experience.

No Sugar Coating It

Yes, motorcycles are Dangerous! Your motivation as a driver must be safety first, 100% awareness of the road and your surroundings.In the state of Florida since July 1, 2008 all first time drivers must complete a Basic Riders Course to qualify for a motorcycle license. This is an important course that will teach you motorcycle safety, operation and driving training. Check your local area for schools.

Its You, Your Motorcycle and the Road

One of the benefits of driving a bike versus an automobile is less distractions. When your driving a motorcycle your out in the open which means that you have to, or should be concentrating on the road ahead of you and your surroundings. Think about it, no cell phone to answer, (you wont hear the person on the other end with the wind and noise from the engine), can’t imagine someone trying to text and drive the bike,  no CD to change in the CD player, and other things we take for granted in the automobile that can take our eyes off the road. This high awareness lets you focus instead of the next intersection, pot holes in the road, other vehicles in front, beside and in back of you.

Just like an automobile, you need motorcycle insurance. The type required for a motorcycle is Property Damage and Bodily injury which totally makes sense. Drop the bike you have damage, have an accident and bodily injury is high on the list. Not wearing a helmet and your injury risk is even higher. This is taken under consideration by the insurance companies, that will require you to have a $10,000 medical insurance if you choose to not wear a helmet.

Without motorcycle insurance in case of an accident, your risk the loss of your license, tag/registration. You will be responsible for any property damages, bodily injuries to you and if you have a passenger and possible the loss of income due to injuries. No coverage means, you pay for it yourself.

Thinking of getting a motorcycle or if you are a first time driver, remember the rules, enjoy the ride and keep safe on the road.

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