Find and Compare Low Cost Parking in Your City or Travels

parkingtooLiving in a big city or travel a lot? If you have a vehicle you know that parking can get expensive. Before you set out on your next destination, head on over to or

Type in the destination and what time you will be parking and they will show you where there are paid parking and how much on most of them.

Just One More Minute

How many times do you run out of time at a parking meter, or worry as you are shopping going to lunch or in a meeting that you have to add more money soon to avoid getting a ticket. If you have a SmartPhone set the timer for when time is almost up so you can get back to the meter and add more money before it expires. You can also download a Parking Time App. This app uses a GPS system for your cars location and will tell you 10 minutes before the meter is going to expire. In case you get side tracked, this app will also help you find your car.

Catching a Flight? offers coupons in a lot of variates. When you need to use the parking garage at the airport. head on over there, many airport garages off coupons up to 15% off for the day.


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About Chaney's Used Cars

QUALITY, INTEGRITY, EXCELLENCE Chaney's Used Cars started in 1961 with quality low cost vehicles and taking to heart the needs of the customer first. We have built our reputation on being the very best we can be in the industry, continue those values to this day, and will carry on far into the future. A CONTINUING TRACK RECORD Our customers know that our strive for excellence is in the very foundation of our business. When you get behind the wheel of a previously owned vehicle from Chaney's Used Cars you can be assured you are not getting a "Lemon". All our vehicles are thoroughly checked by a certified mechanic before they are allowed on our car lot for sale. We take pride in our ability to provide our customers with good sound transportation and a test drive for each vehicle you are interested in. Let us know what you are looking for - give us a call today - (863) 453-6765
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