How To Travel Safely With Your Pet on a Road Trip

ID-100233930Many people like to travel with their pets on the road, whether it be a vacation or just around town, they make great companions. Just like you would want to keep anyone in your vehicle safe, so goes for your pet too. Here are some tips that can make your jaunt around town or a long road trip a good one for your both.

Keep them Safe

There are options like dog safety belts, car barriers and crates to choose from so secure your pets safety. You do not want your pet thrown in case of an accident or quick stomp on the brakes. Avoid driver distraction by letting your pet be comfortable while safe in the back seat and keep them safe from an airbag deployment in case of an accident, which could be fatal.

Prepare Your Pet

If your pet is not accustomed to many rides in the family car, prepare them for a road trip by going on small rides to the dog park, beach or your favorite destination where you can let your pet in and out of the vehicle. This way they will become familiar with the restraint you have chosen to make them secure while riding in the vehicle.

Road Trip

As you map out your trip, also consider your pets needs. Rest stops that offer bathrooms, food and a place to stretch your legs and your pet legs. Sometimes bathroom breaks not on your schedule can happen and your pet could have a bathroom break in the car. Be patient, and try to give them enough time at the stops.

Also check out what hotels or accommodations your like to stay along the way, accept pets. Those that do will usually have a Pet Policy. Some require an extra deposit {some non refundable}as an added expense. Others may not allow you to leave your pet alone in the room while out sight seeing. Best to do your homework first.

Next on your list should be Veterinarians. Keep tabs in the cities and towns you are going through, just in case your pet should need one.

Keep Your Pet Happy

In between stops your pet may become bored or over excited. Either way they are going to let you know by whining, barking or pacing. Bring along chew toys a favorite blanket or bedding your pet is used to to help them relax.

Never Leave Your Pet Alone in the Vehicle

On a warm day car temperatures can reach 120 degrees according to the Humane Society. In Florida every day in the summer is hot. Hot or Cold weather your pet should never be left unattended, this could endanger your pets life. If you have to run into a bathroom, or store, have someone stay with your pet or take them with you.

Talk to the Doc

Visit the Veterinarian before you go. Ask about what is best for your pet for meals, medicine and if you need to take anything extra in case your pet gets car sick. (Some pets do experience this)

What to Pack for Your Pet

Bottled Water/ Food

Bowls for water and food



Chew Toys

Favorite Toy or Blanket


Happy Traveling

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