Gardening Tips For Fall – Ornamental Cabbage and Kale

ID-10068558While Summer is getting a bit cooler here in Florida, it is a great time to think about fall gardening and getting started on sowing seeds.
Many gardening centers are offering something different then flowers, they have beautiful Kale and Ornamental Cabbage. They come in a variety of shades with their rose shaped leaves, in greens, purples, creams and pinks.
Check out your local gardening centers and farmers markets to add these plants to your garden or as a decorative plant along side the house. Most of these plants are very hardy and will usually last until the first frost.

As far as doing double duty as a pretty plant and an edible plant, they are not really good for eating as they can be bitter.
Get more information over at Hicks Nursery website…


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Welcome First Day of Fall 2017

However you want to say it, Autumn (said in British/English) or Fall (said in American English is very welcome here is Florida after a long hot summer. Not only does this season cool things down, it brings us closer to the end of Hurricane season.

Floridians this summer have been busy watching the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic. With both waterways on each side of us we are vulnerable for Hurricanes and Irma came in like a freight train not only for us but worse for those in her path along the way.  We prayed when Harvey took over Texas and caused floods in Houston, we prayed when the islands were decimated by Irma and again when we endured Irma, and now we are praying for those who have endured Hurricane Maria (with some places just recovering from Irma!). It has been a busy summer.

So if you ask are you excited for the first day of Fall? Yes, we are elated.





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Caring for The People of Hurricane Harvey And Floods In Houston

The world watched this past week as Hurricane Harvey pounded into Texas and for days flood Houston. The damages from the Hurricane and the floods has left devastation to so many people. As the news reported yesterday for the Houston area, that 18,000 people were in shelters. One shelter that was supposed to house up to 5000 people refused no one and at last count they were up to 9000 people. It is indeed a wonderful thing to see people coming together by using their own boats to rescue people, bringing in food, water and supplies and so many more giving of their time and money.

The Salvation Army is helping out with shelter, food, clothing and more from the United States and Canada.
Read more about that Here…

Chaney’s Used Cars is donating through the Salvation Army and asks that anyone who can donate, please click on the Donate Now button below for the Salvation Army and give what you can or give to a charity of your choice.

Praying for Houston…

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The Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017 – When and Where for Your State

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The last time the United States of America saw a full Solar Eclipse that crossed across the country was June 8, 1918. This Monday, August 21, 2017  you can witness this natural phenomenon, “The Great American Solar Eclipse”.  The ellipse will begin at Lincoln City, Oregon, at 10:15 a.m. PDT (1:15 p.m. EDT) and continue across the center of the US bringing a few minutes of darkness in its path to each state in certain areas, where other area’s will see a partial eclipse. It will end at 2:48 p.m. EDT near Charleston, South Carolina.

Warning!! It is not safe to view this eclipse without protecting your eyes.

One thing we have today that was not available in 1918 are Solar Viewing Glasses or also called Eclipse Glasses and Personal Solar Filters.(Sunglasses cannot be used in place of these viewing glasses).

Please see the following articles about the dangers to…

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How to SUPER CLEAN Your Car with ChrisFix

ChrisFix shares his tips and techniques for super cleaning your car or truck. This video is packed with great information! Learn how to make your old paint go from dirty and dull to clean and shiny and more..





Thanks ChrisFix, once again you are most helpful…




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Automobile Money Saving Tips – How To Conserve Fuel

ID-10048207Why put money into your gas tank when you could be keeping in your pocket?  Check out these tips to help you do just that – conserve the gasoline and save money.

Prepare Ahead of Time for Travel

Plan your day and plan your route. Google Maps, Map Quest and GPS systems allow you to see where the traffic is heavy and where you can drive smoothly without a lot of stopping and going. Use these tools to pick out a detour that may be shorter and smoother to get to your destination. Even if the route takes you a few minutes out of the way, you still are better off then wasting your fuel sitting in traffic.

If you do find yourself in a situation where you will have your car in idle for a long period of time, it is better to turn it off. You use less fuel turning the vehicle on then letting it sit and idle.

On The Open Road

Traveling on the open road it is a good idea to use your cruise control. This way you are maintaining a steady speed that will help you save on gasoline. Also keep your windows up, so there is not drag that can use up to 10% of your fuel.

Do you Really Need the AC

If you are heading out to run around town early in the morning and its cool outside, roll down your windows and enjoy the fresh air and the savings on fuel. When you reach your destination try to park in a place that will give you shade so you can keep your vehicle cooler. When its time to leave, your air conditioner will not have to work so hard. In the summer here in Florida this is not so easy to do, so take advantage of the spring cool air while we have it.

Best Time To Fill Up

Keep close to your local news during the week for when gas prices are rising and falling. Usually you will notice by Friday that gas prices go up for the weekends and also may notice a spike in price on the holidays. Try to fill up during the week to get the best prices.

What Lane Do You Drive In?

If your on a road with say three lanes, then you know that the right lane is probable for people turning off to the right causing you to slow down, and speed up. The braking and acceleration of slow down and go uses up more fuel. Passing someone even uses up more fuel. Try the middle lane and cruise until you have to be either the left or right lane.

How Fast Are You Going

Doing the speed limit helps you greatly save on gasoline and possible keep you from getting a speeding ticket.


If you know of a neighbor or co worker nearby you, offer to carpool. Going to the store, gym or to work, this has always and can help you save on gas.

Maintain The Vehicle

Keeping up with the maintenance of your vehicle is really important all around. Dirty air filters, old spark plugs and low tires can use up more fuel.

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See our article for Lower Vehicle Cost with Preventive Maintenance





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2017 Hurricane season is here Are you Prepared

As of June 1, 2017 Hurricane season has started. If you grew up in Florida or another state where hurricanes are prevalent and went through a hurricane, then you know how brutal they can be. If you have never been in a hurricane, you need to know to what to do.

A look back into the 1990’s brought us devastating Hurricane Andrew at a Category 5 to hit south Florida. 2004 brought us Ivan, (September 2004) Charley, Francis and Jeanne. Charley (August 9th – 15th) a strong Category 4 hurricane came in from the west coast of Florida to our neck of the woods, then we were preparing twice more within weeks of each other for Frances (only three weeks after Charley) and Jeanne (Sept 25) to come on in from the east coast and made landfall just 2 miles from where Frances came on land and three weeks after Frances hit.

Charlie’s winds uprooted trees and left debris all over the place with about 7-8 days without electricity after the storm left. After the clean up from Charlie, Francis came through with more clean up to do and just when you thought you had enough, Jeanne roared her ugly head a and peeled back roof tops and created 9 days without electricity. A crazy couple of months, of preparing and cleaning up from one hurricane and another would be on the radar.

The one thing that got people through the storms was the essential preparation for their home and family. With today’s technology we have the gift of knowing well in advanced when a storm is forming in the ocean and what direction it will be headed.  When the weather people tell you to keep an eye on the news for updates, pay attention and follow you local news daily.

This time of year you can find updated booklets about how to prepare for a hurricane from your local news weather departments in the grocery stores and other places. Pick one up or go to your local news station online and find out how to get one. There is also a mass amount of articles and tips online that are helpful. Hurricanes are no joke. This is not a storm you want to ignore or not be prepared for.

Click the link below for helpful articles; what to do in case of a flood, how to prepare your children for a hurricane, how to put together a hurricane kit, and very important as well, hurricane insurance coverage..

Get The Articles Here

Enjoy your summer and please be prepared…




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